Your Short-Term Rental Cleaning Choice!

Cleaning service for vacation rentals, hotels, Community houses, Corporate Living apartments AND MORE. Ensure your properties are always clean and ready to welcome your GUESTS, CLIENTS AND PARTNERS.


Whether your property is a vacation home, airbnb,  co-living, or a corporate living apartment, we are the right partner to ensure all your properties are detailed, clean, tidy, and ready for the next guest.

Your hotel’s #1 housekeeping operations management. By entrusting us with your housekeeping operations needs, you free up valuable time and resources, allowing your staff to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional guest service.

Set the stage for success with our specialized real estate cleaning service tailored for builders, Real Estate agents and investors, property managers and tenants. From post-construction debris removal to ensuring a pristine showcase for open houses to move-out/in services, we deliver excellence in every detail.

Elevate the cleanliness quotient in your senior living community, offices, and department stores with our top-notch janitorial cleaning service.

Why choose us

Reliable and Expert Crew for each service

We have 7+ years of experience and knowledge to effectively clean and prepare your property for the next guest, renter, client, employee, or homeowner. Each team is ready and trained according to the service you are hiring, and never skip, miss, or cancel a cleaning.

5-star cleaning

Our professional cleaners are trained and qualified to provide high-quality cleaning service. We guarantee that your properties will always be clean and ready for guests.

Effortless Operations Management

Schedule and manage your cleanings easily with our free app. You can choose the date and time of the cleaning and track the status of the job. Receive updates and reports on guests, supplies and consumables. Let us handle recruiting, training, scheduling, coordination, and performance track on your behalf.

Automation Schedule

Full integration with your PMS and OTAs so you can manage all your cleaning statuses from one place.

Insured and Bonded

Get the confidence of who can have your back. Our company is insured and bonded.

White Glove Support

We offer daily human support with instant answer back or a maximum of 30 minutes of waiting.

Try our app now!

Keep your vacation rental clean and ready for guests with our easy-to-use app. Book a cleaning in just a few taps and let us do the rest.

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Who work with us

Sett Solutions is a short-term rental cleaning company that partners with leading players in the industry, such as  Kasa, Advanstay, and Sonder. This partnership ensures that Sett Solutions provides a quality and reliable service that meets the needs of the major players in the market

Sett Solutions Presence

Sett Solutions is a leading and the only company exclusive running business as provider to short-term rental in the United States.


Anna Koops
Anna Koops
They are extremely reliable, professional, and do amazing work!
Laurence Nathanson
Laurence Nathanson
I can't say enough positive things about Sett Solutions! I went through multiple cleaners before I found them, and they are really experts at cleaning for short-term rentals! They have technology in place so that you can link your listing and it will schedule a cleaning based on your bookings. They send the same person each time to clean my home, so she knows exactly what to do. In the very few instances when she was not available, they sent someone else who covered for her. I even feel confident to travel as I can leave specific instructions for my cleaner on what to do to prepare the house for self-check in. Most highly recommended!
Chidrup J
Chidrup J
Amazing company! They have been great partner in my STR business - communicative, prompt and higher quality service. Highly recommended!!
Joe Cai
Joe Cai
The owner is very responsive. She came back in to fix some small issues that were missed in the first pass. I am glad about her responsiveness.
Patricia Pires
Patricia Pires
I hired them for my vacation cottage in Bay Area. They are reliable, on time and really committed to help me in my needs. I can go on my vacation and expand a quality time now without worrying about my next guest turnover! Really recommend them!
V Villela
V Villela
Serious company looking to provide their best to each customer.