Discover the Sett Solutions app and manage the cleaning of your short-term rental house effortlessly

Short-term rental cleaning

Cleaning is an essential part of short-term rental operations, and it’s crucial that homes are always clean and ready to welcome guests, but managing cleaning alone can be a challenge.

Sett Solutions is a platform that provides a comprehensive solution for cleaning short-term rental properties. The application is ideal for both hosts and cleaning professionals.

Getting Started

The Sett Solutions app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. To get started, simply create an account and input your information and details about your property. If you’re a professional cleaner, register with your personal details and experiences, and await contact from our team.

Try out the Sett Solutions app today and see how it can make cleaning your short-term rental property easier and more efficient!

At Sett Solutions, you can request all our services through our own app, making it easy and convenient to manage your property’s cleaning needs, even from afar! Download the app now and schedule your first cleaning!

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