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Housekeeping (not-so-obvious) tips

The internet is full of cleaning tips, but when it comes to not-so-obvious places and stains, the web leaves something to be desired.

For a Host, housekeeping and cleaning must be up to date and strict. Here are 8 tips for the best well-being in your home:

  1. Clean your Wooden Knife Block today! Just soap and water are not enough to act against the bacteria that accumulate on wood.

You will need a small brush (like the one in the picture), and you’ll dip it in one part white vinegar and one part hydrogen peroxide, which will disinfect and make your cutlery look as good as new!

Wait at least 12 hours to put the knives back in place! 😊

2. When was the last time you drained the water accumulated in your washing machine?

Not only can the water smell bad, but so can the filter. It may also prevent the water from flowing through because it is clogged.

Do it every two months and get free of potential problems in your washing machine!

3. How to save a wet book:

Please place it in a ventilated place, allocating absorbent paper between the pages. Replace the pages as soon as they are soaked, and let them dry thoroughly before replacing them. If not, they can accumulate mold!

5. Remote controls accumulate sweat, grease, and bacteria. It is recommended to clean them every time you use them.

But for deeper dirt, you will need a toothpick to remove the dirt on the sides and around the buttons. Then, use a microfiber cloth slightly wet with water and a little neutral detergent.

Finish off with sprays of 70% isopropyl alcohol from 20 cm away, and dry the remote control.

☝🏽 This same tip applies to other electronics!

6. The easiest way to remove pet hair from upholstery

Latex gloves do a fantastic job at removing pet hair! You will notice that pet hair will already collect on your glove on the first glide.

And the best part is that it doesn’t damage the upholstery, and no other products are needed.

7. If your toilet bowl is stained, yellowed, or scabby, here’s the solution!

🚨 Be very careful with this one and always use protection against chemical products.

Start by removing all the water from the toilet bowl, pour in the descaling agent (sold in construction stores), let it act for 30 minutes, and then scrub the entire toilet bowl with the green fiber!

Flush and clean the toilet as usual, and it’s done!

8. No more dirt under and on the rug

Spread baking soda and a few pinches of cinnamon (it smells lovely), vacuum the entire area-both sides-and, finish by wiping with a damp cloth from beginning to end, making an “S” shape to remove all the dirt from the top side.

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