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Why is your cleaning team so crucial for your short-term rental?

Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a rental property.

Cleaning services are critical if your rental is far from where you live. Not only does the cleaner need to be organized and clean well, but they need to keep things running when things go wrong. And things do go wrong. The cleaner role often extends further into the role of a housekeeper and even a manager.

Cleaning your property is a crucial part of owning a vacation rental. You could have a beautiful property, but if it is unclean and unkempt, that will take away from the appeal. You want to ensure your cleaning team doesn’t miss a step when cleaning your property(es). Guests will notice a lack of cleaning immediately, so if it’s not good enough, you’ll soon hear about it — as well as other potential guests. But vacation rental cleaning is more than just ensuring your property is spotlessly clean for your next booking: it also includes maintenance and safety. Cleaning can make your rental property more appealing to guests. Since cleanliness is crucial to creating a positive first impression, your rental must look spotless when your guests arrive. A clean space keeps positive reviews on the bnb platforms, improves overall guest satisfaction, and boosts your daily rate over time since users tend to pay more for cleaner rentals.

This is why your cleaning team must know the appropriate products for each surface and type of stain. Besides having notions of space organization, always think about the best accommodation for the guests. If you’re a short-term property manager, cleaning isn’t just a drag; it’s a critical component of your business operations that can make or break you. Guests expect accommodations to be spick and span, and trust us, they’ll tell the world about it in their reviews if it isn’t.

When it comes to properties people vacation in, it’s not enough for them to BE clean — they’ve got to LOOK clean. That means even if you’ve scrubbed every surface and dusted every crevice, your guests will not be impressed unless everything has a place and the entirety of the rental’s interior is orderly and well-planned. No clutter, no randomly placed accessories, and no useless “stuff” just taking up space.